The Research Cluster on Branding and Digital Development in Tourism (BRANDDiT) is an autonomous activity of CITUR, open to the participation of all its members, promotes quality and innovative research in branding and digital development in tourism field.

BRANDDiT’s mission is the promotion of excellence in applied research and the production and transfer of scientific knowledge in digital marketing, branding and communication in the tourism activity, particularly the strategic creation of new tourism brands, the developing of digital promotion strategies in tourism, and communication strategies for brands, corporations and public entities which operate in the digital environment for their service providing activities in tourism. In addition, BRANDDit intend to implement innovation policies for the digital domain, focused both on information and data analysis as well as in digital creative development, assuring its necessary programming implementation needs.

BRANDDiT has the following objectives:

  • To build a transversal competence network, assembling those researchers interested in these subjects, both inside and outside of CiTUR.
  • To develop a research line focused on monitoring digital data, capable of generating actionable results which can be used by tourism businesses and public entities, originating in the free flow of information among diverse media platforms used by tourism products consumers.
  • To develop specific methodologies to gather and analyze data originated in digital media platforms.
  • To raise awareness of new statistical approaches to information exchange and consumer recommendations among group members.
  • To implement and disseminate methodologies employed in tourism digital brand creation, making them available for tourism students and degrees that find this knowledge useful.
  • To support degree coordinators in their efforts of modernization, drafting reports on the needs for technical hardware and faculty training in order to insure updating.
  • To actively contribute towards the creation, maintenance and supplying of a Digital Workshop dedicated to tourism.
  • To promote a growing connection between the digital tourism subject and tourism master degrees, asking for proposals for theses and projects which can be submitted to student appreciation and engagement.
  • To promote itself as a digital marketing and branding service provider to businesses and tourism related public entities along diverse areas.

The guiding principles of BRANDDiT are the following:

  • Applied research, combining generation of knowledge from the digital context and grounded creative activity
  • Team work respecting individual priorities and the results dissemination throughout CiTUR’s research staff.
  • Value higher school community by promoting the insertion of digital marketing thematic in syllabi of every education level, updating of faculty’s body of knowledge and the search for new partnerships and protocols beneficial for CiTUR.
  • Promote convergence amidst distinct areas of academic specialization related to research into digital phenomena in tourism.

Operationalize protocols allowing CiTUR to become a services provider in the context of digital marketing creativity and research.