CiTUR Leiria

As a R&D unit, CiTUR was founded in 2008 at IP Leiria and recognized by FCT in 2014. Since 2018, the Centre for Tourism Research, Development and Innovation is a R&D unit from the polytechnic subsystem of Portuguese higher education, which associates 17 higher institutions (universities and polytechnics) and involves more than 200 researchers.

The CiTUR IP Leiria pole gathers researchers from IP Santarém, IP Tomar, ISCE Odivelas, U Bydgoszcz (Poland), U Lodz (Poland), U Minas Gerais (Brazil) and UF Santa Catarina (Brazil).


The mission of CENTRE FOR TOURISM RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND INNOVATION is the development of applied research with multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary  charater, the production and sharing of scientific knowledge in tourism.


Be a leader in applied research, development and innovation; be recognized by society, civil and business, for the higher capacity to generate and share knowledge in tourism.

  • Coordination and implementation of scientific research projects involving researchers, fellows, collaborators and students of 2nd and 3rd cycles;
  • Dissemination of scientific knowledge through the publication of papers in refereed journals and the presentation of communications at meetings;
  • National and international cooperation;
  • Development of studies and projects guided towards the needs of the business and institutional community;
  • Promotion of postgraduate studies in the field of tourism and related areas, networked with national and foreign institutions.